May 2011

The Yungas Biosphere Reserve of Argentina: a hot spot of South American wild cats

Autores: Mario S. Di Bitetti, Sebastián Albanesi, María José Foguet, Griet An Erica Cuyckens, Alejandro Brown

We conducted three camera-trap surveys in a productive conservation landscape within the Yungas Biosphere Reserve of NW Argentina. We recorded six of the seven wild cat species present in the area. These species make different use of the different environments present in the landscape. The Yungas Biosphere Reserve contains not only these seven species, but two other felids that inhabit the highlands of the reserve: the Pampas cat Oncifelis colocolo and the Andean cat Oreailurus jacobitus. We draw the attention to the Yungas, a small region of the Planet, shared by Argentina and Bolivia, which harbors ¼ of the World’s cat species.